Athletics Overview

  • Camerado Springs offers a full range of athletics and intramurals.   All students who participate as athletes in organized competitive sports must provide proof of insurance.  Upon sustaining an injury or serious illness, a student may be required to provide documentation clearing the student to resume participation in the sports activity.

    Here are a few reminders for our student athletes:

    1. Students must have permission slips signed by the parent and student.
    2. Students must attend school for at least four (4) periods on a game day or day before a Saturday game or they will not participate in that game.
    3. Students must maintain 85 merits.
    4. If grade requirements are not met, students will have two (2) weeks to remove the deficiency.  Students will not be allowed to suit up for games until the grade requirements are met.  If the deficiency is not removed within two (2) weeks, the student will be removed from the team.
    5. Students who are placed on a team will be asked to make a donation to offset costs.  A player’s personal appearance, when in uniform, must conform to what the coach/administrator determines is important to the success and safety of the player in that sport.

    Qualifications to participate in Sports

    To be eligible to participate in sports students must maintain the following standards:

    1. Good citizenship and 85 or more merits
    2. A 2.0 grade point average
    3.  Not receive a trimester grade of an “F” in any class. 

    Sports Clearance Information can be found on the left hand side of the page.  Please refer to the student bulletin for other sports related information.

Fall Sports

  • Cross Country (6th, 7th, & 8th)  CLICK HERE to view the Cross Country Schedule

    Girls Volleyball* (7th & 8th)  CLICK HERE to view the Girls Volleyball Schedule

    Boys Basketball* (7th & 8th) CLICK HERE to view the Boys Basketball Schedule

    • Most practices are scheduled M-Th.  6th/7th Grade Team 4:00-5:30 PM and 8th Grade Team 5:30-7:00 PM.

    Girls Soccer* (One team for all grade levels) - (Club Sport, Not an FAL Sport)  CLICK HERE to view the Girls Soccer Schedule


Winter Sports

  • Boys Soccer* (One team for all grade levels) - (Club Sport, Not an FAL Sport)  

    Girls Basketball* (7th & 8th)

Spring Sports

  • Track and Field (6th,7th,& 8th)

    Boys Volleyball* (7th & 8th)


    *6th grade students may try out for a 7th grade team sport

    *6th graders can participate on the 6th/7th grade temas and 7th/8th graders can participate on the 8th grade teams