• Honor Society (6th Grade) and CJSF (7th and 8th Grade) are statewide organizations. Founded in 1967, the California Junior Scholarship Federation and Honor Society is the oldest middle  school scholastic institution in the state of California.  CJSF is part of CSF, the oldest scholarship institution in California, founded in 1921.


    CJSF/HS emphasizes high standards of scholarship, community service and citizenship for California middle school students.


    Grades are given a point value. An A is 3 points, a B is 1 point, and a C is 0 points. A D or an F in any subject disqualifies a student from membership.  A suspension in the trimester also disqualifies a student from membership.  PE and some Learning Center classes are not qualifying classes for membership. You must have double the points of the number of qualifying classes to qualify. Applications can be found in the library or in the advisor’s classroom.


    Applications must be completed by students, not parents.  We want students to be involved in the process and be responsible learners at all times.  Self-management is an important ATL skill we want to encourage.


    Community service is encouraged, but not required for membership.  The club meets monthly and discusses options and opportunities for community service.

    The window to apply is four weeks long, NO LATE EXCEPTIONS, per the CJSF bylaws.  The window to apply is the first 4 weeks of the  trimester, based on the previous trimester grades. Signs will be posted during the application window.  In the fall, 7th and 8th graders apply based on their spring grades from the previous year.  Students must re-apply every trimester to continue membership.

    At Valley View, CJSF takes one academic-based field trip in the spring.

    Special Recognition
    To qualify for the Gold Seal Award, promoting 8th-grade students must have been a member of CJSF for at least FOUR  trimesters of their 7th grade  and 8th grade years.

    Questions?  Contact the office or the current CJSF advisor, Kristina Hilliker khilliker@buckeyeusd.org