• Community Project


    United with the International Baccalaureate, Camerado Springs places a strong emphasis on helping create internationally minded young people who strive to be caring members of their local community.  As such, the Middle Years Program (MYP) students are expected to complete a Community Project in their 8th grade year.  


    A Community Project is a service learning/service-as-action requirement of the MYP.  It is a unique opportunity for students to utilize their personal interests, supported by relevant research, to focus on the community at large and their responsibility as part of a global society.  Service projects may include taking responsible action to educate yourself, inform others, advocate for change, and undertake service.  Action can be a range of activities aimed at gaining experience, knowledge, and understanding of themselves and others.  


    The Community Project creates a platform for students to showcase the skills, knowledge, and passion they have acquired throughout their time in the MYP.  The specifics of the project and expectations of students will be shared with you and your student the Spring before his/her 8th grade year.  

    ~MYP Principles to Practice (2017)


    CLICK HERE to view the Community Project Guidebook

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    Questions?  Please reach out to our IB Coordinator, Amy Gargani  agargani@buckeyeusd.org