• Dear Parents,

    This email contains important information for current 8th graders who will be attending Oak Ridge High School as 9th graders next year.

    First, congratulations!  It is no small feat to have survived the past year, nevermind with a middle schooler!  They will be heading into high school knowing they can persevere even the most challenging of times.

    Because of Covid, the high school counselors will not be visiting our classrooms and have instead decided to share a 12 minute video with students and parents.  Please watch this video BEFORE Monday, January 25.  On Monday, January 25, your child will be given a pink packet during their 2nd period class and it will contain course registration information.  That night at 6:00 pm, there will be a Zoom orientation with the high school and you can ask them any questions you might have.  Here’s a quick summary of everything you need:

    1/19-1/24:  Read this Welcome Letter from ORHS, which has important information and links to other necessary documents.  After reading the letter with your 8th grader, please together  watch this video and powerpoint presentation,  which details all the paperwork that is coming and what students need to do.  Please note that you cannot click on links while watching a video, but if you open the powerpoint, you’ll be able to pause the video and click on links as needed through the powerpoint.  If you have questions, you may find the answers through the links contained in the welcome letter, or you can save them for 1/25 (see below).

    Monday, 1/25 @ 6:00 pm: Attend ORHS Incoming 9th grade Orientation via Zoom:  


    --Passcode: 812815


    Thank you, and good luck!  Having an 8th grader myself, I know how unnerving this transition is!


    Debbie Piccoli Bowers


    Rolling Hills Middle School


    Welcome Letter from ORHS

    ORHS Information slideshow

    Powerpoint Presentation