• Registration/Enrollment (2023/2024) 


    Blue Oak Registrar: Charlene Bartholome cbartholome@buckeyeusd.org


    It is important to understand that your child’s registration packet is not complete if all documents required to be submitted have not been submitted to school officials and, therefore, your child will not be enrolled at the time of submission of the enrollment packet, but rather placed on a waitlist pending completion of the required enrollment information. School staff will contact you if your enrollment packet is deemed incomplete and request the information needed in order to enroll your child upon its submission.

    REQUIRED documentation to register your student: 

    1. Birth Certificate

    2. Current Immunization Record/Proof of all required immunizations

    3. Residence Verification (2 pieces of documentation). The specific information about residence verification documents can be found HERE as well as in the enrollment packet.

    To find additional Registration/Enrollment information, please visit our District website (links below):