Dear Buckeye Union Distance Learning School community, 

    I am so excited to be honored with being your Principal this year. I have taught in both elementary and middle schools in our district which makes me familiar with the different levels of student development and needs. At the middle school level, I also served as part of the Leadership Team supporting the site with the development and implementation of Universal Design for Learning and Multi Tiered Systems of Support.

    It is my goal to make our program as similar to a physical school site as possible to help develop the whole child during their time at Distance Learning School. While we have fantastic teachers who provide instruction and support to our students, the Learning Coach at home plays an integral part to the learning experience of our students as well. In partnering together, teachers and Learning Coaches can fully support our students academic and social emotional growth and development. Students are expected to fully participate in their synchronous and asynchronous times during school days which Learning Coaches can help ensure this occurs.  

    Interacting with students and being present in their school experience is important to me. I frequently pop into synchronous sessions and love seeing the excitement on our students' faces as they learn something new. Please encourage students to email me anytime they would like to share something with me or ask me a question. I love hearing from our students! 

    Please reach out by email or phone anytime you have a question, concern, or a positive experience to share. Thank you for partnering with us to support our students! 


    Amy Pirkl