Dear Parent(s):

    The safety of our students is of the utmost importance in the Buckeye Union School District.  As such, the District takes appropriate steps to protect your child from injuries.  Even so, accidents can and do happen while participating in activities that take place on campus, on school trips, and during extra-curricular activities and sports.

    The Buckeye Union School District does not provide accident medical insurance for school-related injuries, which means you are responsible for all medical bills in the unfortunate circumstance that your child is injured during school activities.  The voluntary student accident/health insurance plans offered by Myers-Stevens & Toohey Co., Inc. may help you pay those bills.

    Many coverage options are available, so please read their brochure carefully.  These voluntary participation plans are a low-cost way for parents to protect their children.  They can be used on a standalone basis for those with no other health coverage or as “gap coverage” to assist with the high deductibles, high co-pays, and other inside limits common to many of today's health plans.  The student insurance plans also allow you to take your child to the doctor or hospital of your choice.

    Should you choose to participate in one of these student insurance plans, please complete the brochure’s enrollment form available on the District website at www.buckeyeusd.org under “Parent Resources” > “Student Insurance.”  Please enclose payment with your completed enrollment form and mail directly to Myers-Stevens & Toohey Co., Inc.  You will want to keep the brochure in a safe place in the event your child is injured.

    If you have any questions, please call the plan administrator, Myers-Stevens & Toohey Co., Inc. at (800)827-4695 or (949)348-0656.  For more information about ACA, please refer to www.HealthCare.gov.


    David Roth, Ph.D., Superintendent

    Student Accident Enrollment

Last Modified on July 25, 2023