AR Book Finder

  • Accelerated Reader has evaluated thousands of books by assigning them points and reading levels.  They continue to evaluate books every day.  BUSD has a large number of AR books in the libraries but you will also find AR books in county libraries or through various vendors if you choose to purchase them.  Visit the following website to find out book levels and point values:

    You will be able to see how your students is doing with the program by logging on to Renaissance Home Connect - a portal that you or your child can log into for a variety of information such as your child's reading level, books read and scores on quizzes.  Students cannot take quizzes on Home Connect - they must take quizzes at school.  The Home Connect portal is:  You will receive a letter from your child's teacher providing login information.

    Through the Home Connect portal you can arrange to be notified when your child takes a quiz so that you can congratulate them for their success and you can encourage them to take quizzes when they finish books.

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