Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

  • Elementary and Middle School Instrumental Music:

    Instrumental music (band) is offered to all children beginning in the 4th grade. Fifth graders with one year of experience receive increasingly challenging compositions and participate in several performances during the year.  District middle schools offer band electives for students who wish to further their music education in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Students receive multiple school-based performance opportunities as well as many chances to perform in and around the community to the delight of families and community members.  Events range from county and district honor bands to public Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, district festivals, store openings, and competitions.  Both middle schools offer after-school jazz programs. These students perform in the community and have regularly placed very well in competitions and public performances. Music is supported and thrives in the Buckeye Union School District.

    Elementary Visual and Performing Arts:

    Each elementary school in Buckeye Union provides a unique blend of visual and performing arts experiences. These opportunities can include classroom-based lessons, choir, and art walks. At many sites, parents further support the student experience by delivering opportunities through Meet the Masters, a program that connects art history to the technique of painting and drawing. Please contact your school site for more details about their offerings. 

    Middle School Visual and Performing Arts:

    Each middle school provides a unique blend of elective opportunities in the arts. In fine art electives, students are exposed to the seven elements of both art and design while exploring many different mediums and styles of art. Opportunities for students to explore their creative side are also incorporated into technology, wood shop, home economics, and improvisation electives. Please contact your school site for more details about their offerings.