Core Values

  • Since discipline is essential to academic progress, the teachers and staff of the Buckeye Union School District work together to encourage productive behavior in a firm, fair, and consistent manner.  Our school discipline plan is based on the premise that teachers are here to teach and students desire to learn. Therefore, it is our expectation that all students will behave in such a way that will not interfere with the learning of other students.  When students make a personal choice to obey established rules, positive consequences will occur, such as verbal praise, notes of recognition to the students and parents, special activities such as lunch with the principals, or special prizes, etc. An outline of our Silva Valley Core Values is listed here: 

    Respect and Tolerance

    Celebrate differences

    Treat everyone how you would like to be treated

    Be patient

    Be respectful to all adults 



    Use self control

    Take care of school and personal property

    Strive to do your best in school and at home

    Own and accept consequences 


    Kindness and Compassion

    Use thoughtful words and actions

    Value friendships and relationships

    Show others that you care

    Use manners like “Please,” “Thank you,” and “Excuse me” 



    Go above and beyond to make your school, your friends, and yourself better

    Do your personal best

    Remember, “Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)” 



    Make good decisions and choices

    Use your energy in a positive way

    Follow the rules of your family, school, and community

    Cooperate with others to improve your environment

    These Core Values will be defined, taught, modeled, practiced and reinforced in several ways through the school year. Positive rewards and incentives are a large part of this program and could include eating lunch with the principals, receiving rewards and tokens, and being published on our “Caught with Core Values” Wall in the office.