CJSF Information

  • CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation/Honor Society) 

    In an effort to build on the academic honor concept, we will continue to participate in the state scholastic program.According to our school’s by-laws, qualification for Honor Society (sixth grade only) or CJSF (seventh and eighth grade only) membership is based on Scholarship, Service, and Citizenship.  Listed below is the criteria for membership.

    • You must earn TWICE the number of points than courses in which you are enrolled that meet membership requirements.
    • No points are earned for PE, AR, a remedial or repeated course, or work experience in which pay is involved.
    • Points are granted as follows:

                A=3 points

                B= 1 point

                C= 0 point

                D/F= will debar from membership if received in ANY class

    • Trimester membership is based on work done in the previous trimester.
    • You must reapply each trimester for membership.


    • School based community service is our preference.  Students must perform a minimum of 2 hours of school based community service.  This must be volunteer work; a grade or money cannot be received for this service.  
    • Outside community service must be approved in advance.  Please see Mrs. Dimauro in room K4 for preauthorization of outside service.  For verification of preapproved off campus service you must attach a letter on the organization’s letterhead stating the following: the date service was provided, description of service, hours completed, name and signature of the contact person.  The coordinator may not be your parent or a relative.


    • The student must maintain a total of 85 merits at all times.

    As per the by-laws of the Federation, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain a membership application and return it to the library by the due date.  This will occur at the end of each trimester.  No late applications will be accepted.  Applications are available in the library and on our website.  Membership in the Honor Society/CJSF is not automatic. 

    To qualify for the Gold Seal award, graduating 8th grade students must have been a member of CJSF for at least TWO trimesters of their 7th grade year and the first TWO trimesters of their 8th grade year.

    To qualify for the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, graduating 8th grade students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above.