• Online Enrollment Process

    Please read the following information carefully, you may need the latest free version of Adobe Reader to download these forms. Click HERE to download.  Be sure to uncheck any 3rd Party add-ins.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Continuing students DO NOT need to re-enroll.

    Identifying School of Attendance:

    School of Attendance is based on the residence where you currently reside.  Please click HERE to confirm your school of attendance.

    If you live in Buckeye Union School District Boundaries and want to go to a school other than your school of residence (Intradistrict Transfer) or if you do not reside in our boundaries and want to attend one of our schools (Interdistrict Transfer), please review our policy requirements HERE.

    There are no guarantees for an Intradistrict or Interdistrict transfer – requests are based on space available. Currently there are no Intradistrict or Interdistrict transfers to Rolling Hills Middle School.


    If you are enrolling your student in the current school year:*

    Please click HERE to review Superintendent’s Letter and 2019/2020 Enrollment Information.  

    If you are enrolling your student for next school year:*

    Please click HERE to review Superintendent’s Letter and 2020/2021 Enrollment Information. 

    *You will be asked to acknowledge that you have received/reviewed this information when you are completing the online enrollment.


    You will need a valid email address for online enrollment.  The online portion should take approximately 20-30 minutes.  After you complete the online enrollment for 6th-8th grade, you will be required to provide the following documentation (you may either upload these documents through the online enrollment system or print out completed forms and bring them to your student's school.)

    1. Birth Certificate

    2. Child’s Immunization Record (CLICK FOR REQUIREMENTS)

    3. Residency Verification documentsin the form of a current PG&E with a parent or guardian's name and physical address



    Your child will not be enrolled until all required documents have been submitted.  School staff will contact you if your enrollment packet is incomplete and request the information needed in order to enroll your child upon its submission.

    To enroll in Rolling Hills Middle School you must reside within the Rolling Hills boundaries.  No interdistrict or intradistrict transfers are accepted into Rolling Hills.


    ONLINE ENROLLMENT (click to enroll)