Dress Code Policy

  • Middle School Dress Code Policy

    “The Governing Board expects that students will present themselves in an orderly manner which will not disrupt the educational program at school. Their appearance should be neat, clean, and acceptable to the general society and in keeping with the activity at school. The Governing Board considers this to be a judgment area of the site administrator or the school (BP 5132).” The dress code also applies to activities after school (e.g., dances, sports) and off campus (e.g., field trips, away sports).

    The school administration recognizes that fashion trends may keep it from being easy for students to find appropriate clothing; however, it is important to maintain a proper learning environment. Parents/Guardians and students are requested to take the proper steps to ensure their school wardrobe meets the standards of the dress code.

    Students at Rolling Hills are “showing up for work”; therefore, they should make every attempt to be in “business casual” clothing for their work day. The following guidelines are intended to define appropriate student attire and personal grooming for students at school. The appropriateness of the clothing will be determined by the normal wear of the clothes; that is, they will be judged not just by the way the clothes fit when the student is standing still, but also by the way they fit as the student participates in the regular activities of the school day (e.g., walking, sitting, moving around, etc.). The dress code is meant to inspire pride and confidence for success as students grow toward entry into a 21st-century professional work environment.

    Inappropriate shirts include the following: halter tops, strapless tops, backless tops, mesh or see-through sheer tops without a shirt underneath, and low cut tank tops (including the neck and arm areas of the tank top). Shirts must not expose the midriff.

    • Shorts must have a 1” inseam; skirts need to extend to mid-thigh.
    • No undergarments should be visible.
    • Pants should be worn at the waist without “sagging.”
    • Anything with language not conducive to a safe and positive learning environment, including unauthorized group affiliations, drug/alcohol/tobacco or sexual references, images of or reference to weapons, or otherwise Supreme Court deemed offensive content is prohibited (Tinker v. Des Moines 1969).
    • Chains of any kind (such as wallet chains) and clothing or jewelry with protrusions that could be considered dangerous or unsafe are not allowed.
    • Hats may be worn but must be removed when inside any building. Hats must be worn with the brim in the front.
    • Holes, rips, or tears in pants should not expose skin above mid-thigh.
    • Pajama type pants/shorts and slippers are not allowed. (Exceptions will be made on designated “spirit days.”)
    • Shoes with wheels are not allowed. Backless sandals and flip flops are allowed except during PE. (Proper athletic shoes need to be worn at all times during PE.)
    • Gang-related attire is strictly prohibited and subject to the interpretation of the administration.

    The appropriateness of clothing in question per this dress code will be left to the discretion of the Rolling Hills administration and staff. Students out of dress code may be asked to change into different clothes (school issued or extra clothes on hand) and will receive disciplinary consequences for repeat offenses. Students may be asked to call home for a change of clothing; these students will wait in the office until parents bring the alternate clothing.