Facilities Use & Information

  • Buckeye Union School District’s Facilities Use Fee Schedule is effective October 1, 2010, and is available on our website under Departments/Business Services/Facilities & Maintenance. Please refer to the Facilities Use Fee Schedule to determine the correct rate for your user classification.

    Facilities applications are picked up and turned in at the appropriate school site. They must include the following to be accepted:

    • Completed application - 3 part form
    • $30.00 application fee - applicable to ALL user groups
    • Certificate of Liability Insurance – one million dollar minimum required
    • Form A: Free of Charge User or From B: Users for a Fee – whichever is applicable
    • Hold Harmless Agreement
    • Statement of Information
    • Cancellation/Schedule Change Policy (downloadable form at the bottom of this page)

    For the use of the kitchen: a "Request to Use Kitchen Facilities" form is required. Additionally, there is a $30 per hour, 2 hour minimum cafeteria staff charge

    PLEASE NOTE: Custodial fee is $35 per hour, 2 hour minimum, when use of facility is outside regular custodial work hours.

    The school site will send your completed application to the District Office for final approval. Questions should be directed to Lu Tonge @ 530-677-2261 x1031.