Transitional Kindergarten (formerly called "Jr. Kindergarten")

  • For children who will turn five on or before September 1 and families exploring options for kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten provides a state-funded, two-year kindergarten experience for children. Students whose 5th birthday will fall after September 1 and before December 2 will receive priority for registration purposes as the program is now required to be offered to students meeting this age criteria.  We expect to be able to offer the program to families of any student within our District whose 5th birthday will occur on or before December 2nd. 

    Students who turn five after December 2, 2016, but before March 1, 2017, will be considered for enrollment as they turn five if the District opens up a mid-year transitional kindergarten classroom and on a space available basis. Parents will receive timely communication regarding their child's enrollment status. 

    The BUSD Transitional Kindergarten program will provide a supportive environment for your child and will focus on social and emotional development, physical and motor development, as well as academic skills needed to prepare your child for kindergarten. 

    The Transitional Kindergarten program was first launched in the Buckeye Union School District in August 2010.  Registration will be accepted at all of our elementary schools [Buckeye in Shingle Springs (530-677-2277), Blue Oak (530-676-0164), William Brooks in El Dorado Hills (916-933-6618), Silva Valley in El Dorado Hills (916-933-3767) and Oak Meadow in El Dorado Hills (916-933-9746)].    When a child is registered, the forms include the opportunity for parents to indicate a 1st and 2nd preference in terms of location.  Final site locations at which transitional kindergarten classrooms will be placed will be determined once the District has had an opportunity to review all registration packets.  Although every effort will be made to provide families with the first or second choice that was provided on registration forms in terms of location and daily schedule for their child, it is important to understand that at times not all requests can be honored and students will need to be placed where space is available.   Families will be notified by June 17th if their student was admitted into a transitional kindergarten classroom, the location and the schedule.  Students with birthdays between September 2 and December 2 will receive priority for placement.