Homeless Education (AB 27 McKinney Vento Act - Homeless Children and Youth)

  • Buckeye Union School District is committed to making sure that all students arrive at school ready and able to learn.    To that end, BUSD seeks to provide educational and related services for homeless students in preschool – 8th grade, such as free meals for students, transportation to school if needed, and referrals to resources in the community for housing, food, medical services, et cetera.   Whether you are a student without a home or a friend or family hosting a homeless youth, please contact us to access these free resources available through the Buckeye USD and/or El Dorado County.  These resources are intended to provide for the basic needs of students to help them succeed in school.

    Learn more about the rights of homeless students afforded by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act below.

    Enrollment Flyer (English)

    Enrollment Flyer (Spanish)

    The federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (Subtitle B—Education for Homeless Children and Youth), reauthorized in January 2002, protects the educational rights of children and youths experiencing homelessness. The Act applies to all local educational agencies (LEAs) and includes a supplemental, competitive grant program of additional funding for LEAs.

    The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act mandates that all local school districts have a homeless education liaison who ensures that:

    • Homeless children and youth are identified
    • Homeless students are immediately enrolled and attend school regardless of paperwork barriers (such as lack of address or proof of immunizations)
    • Homeless families, children, and youth receive all educational services for which they are eligible and have full and equal opportunity to succeed in school
    • Parents or guardians are informed of the educational opportunities available to their children
    • Homeless students have the right to remain in their school of origin (school attended when permanently housed or last enrolled) for the duration of their homelessness or until the end of the academic year in which they move into permanent housing
    • Unaccompanied youth are assisted in placement/enrollment decisions
    • Enrollment disputes are mediated

    Schools should protect the dignity of families in transition by following the procedures established by their district under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, including confidentiality.

    Note that these procedures should be implemented if a child is living in a shelter, motel, vehicle, or trailer; on the street; in an abandoned building, campground, or any other inadequate accommodation, including having no permanent address; or living doubled or tripled up with friends or relatives due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or extremely limited income in an area with a severe shortage of affordable housing.

    BUSD Homeless Children and Youth Liaison:

    Nicole Schraeder - Director of Student Services 

          (916) 985-2183, Ext. 1000; nschraeder@buckeyeusd.org

    Jacqueline S. McHaney – Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services

          (916) 985-2183, Ext. 1027; jmchaney@buckeyeusd.org 

    El Dorado County Liaison:

    Margaret Lewis -  McKinney-Vento Coordinator,  El Dorado County Office of Education

          6767 Green Valley Rd., Placerville, CA 95667;

          Work: 530-295-4539; mlewis@edcoe.org

    State Coordinator:

    Leanne Wheeler (866) 856-8214

    El Dorado County Parent Resources for Families