Special Education

  • The Buckeye Union Elementary School District delivers a continuum of supports and services designed to ensure that students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education. As an elementary district, we serve students from preschool through eighth grade.

    Below are frequently asked questions for parents regarding children with or suspected of having a disability.

    1. Whom do I contact if I suspect my child has a disability?

    Please speak with your child's teacher or school principal.

    2. If my child has an IEP and I am new to Buckeye Union, whom do I contact?

    When registering your child at the school site, please provide a copy of the current IEP.

    3. If my child is preschool age, how do I request an assessment?

    Please contact the Secretary to the Director of Student Services, Patricia Fishburn, at pfishburn@buckeyeusd.org.

    4. How do I learn more about Special Education services and supports?

    The following link provides information: EDCOE.org/educational-services; or, please contact your school site.

    For questions, please contact:

    Patricia Fishburn

    District Office Secretary/Student Services

    (916) 985-2183, ext. 1000