Instructional Materials Adoption Committee (IMAC)

  • The committee will include 8-12 participants, including 2-4 parent/guardian representatives, 1 community at-large representative (residing within BUSD boundaries), and a majority of teachers.  In determining the composition of such a committee, the District is guided by Education Code 60210(c) that states “If a local educational agency chooses to use instructional materials that have not been adopted by the state board, the local educational agency shall ensure that a majority of the participants of any review process conducted by the local educational agency are classroom teachers who are assigned to the subject area or grade level of the materials.”  The committee's work would be facilitated by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction or a designee of the Superintendent.  

    The Board will select the parent/guardian and community-at-large representatives.   

    The committee’s role is purely advisory. The Board is the only body with decision-making authority.  The committee would be charged with making the following advisory recommendations to the Board. 

    1. The materials recommended to be piloted by the District.

    2. The materials recommended to be adopted by the Board.

    Meeting Location:

    Buckeye Union School District - Board Room (5049 Robert J. Mathews Parkway, El Dorado Hills, CA, 95762)

    2023/2024 Scheduled Meetings - English Language Arts (ELA) materials:




    Team Members to Participate

    November 2, 2023


    Content standards and CA requirements for social content


    and Community Member

    November 16, 2023


    Review of Pilot 1

    All members

    January 25, 2024


    Review of Pilot 2

    All members

    March 21, 2024


    Review of Pilot 3

    All members

    April 18, 2024


    Debrief of pilot & recommendation of pilot team

    All members

    *The Board interviewed and selected the parent/guardian and community-at-large representatives at the 10-26-23 Special Board Meeting.