Birth Certificate

    Please provide us with a copy of your child’s birth certificate or bring the certificate for us to copy (other legal evidence of age as stated in AR 5111 of the Board Policies, Ed. Code § 48002 may be accepted in the absence of a Birth Certificate).

    Proof of all required immunizations

    In accordance with state law (SB277), you must provide Proof of Immunization at the time of registration. All immunizations must be completed and provided to be registered for school. Students with incomplete immunizations will be placed on a waitlist until immunizations are complete. Once registration is processed, if you do not have the required immunizations, you will receive a notification of the immunizations required to complete your registration. Requirements may be found on the CDPH website HERE.

    Exemptions may only be made for medical concerns through the state and physician CAIR-ME system. For more information, please click HERE.

    Residence Verification

    Proof of residency for our boundaries is not required for our Charter schools: 

    1. Valley View Charter Montessori School / Middle School IB World School
    2. Camerado Springs Middle School IB World School
    3. Buckeye Union Mandarin Immersion Charter School 

    For Rolling Hills Middle School: 

    A current PG&E bill with a parent or guardian's name and physical address OR PG&E turn-on service printed from your PG&E online account is required.

    Education Code Section 48200 states, in part, that, “Each person subject to compulsory full-time education...shall attend the public full-time school...in which the residency of either the parent or legal guardian is located and each parent, guardian, or person having control or charge of such pupil shall send the pupil to the public full-time school...in which the residence of either the parent or legal guardian is located.” 

    Residency documentation must show the name and address of the parent or legal guardian residing within the school district. Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must provide valid proof of residency which may be established by documentation including, but not limited to, a combination of two or more of the following documents:

    • Utility Bills (water/electric/gas — utility service contract, statement or payment receipts)
    • Property Tax Payment Receipt
    • Rental agreement or notarized copy of escrow papers, lease agreement, or payment receipts. (Must be verified by a utility receipt within 30 days of enrollment)
    • Voter Registration
    • Pay Stubs
    • Correspondence from a government agency
    • Declaration of residency executed by the parent or legal guardian of a pupil (available in school offices)

    OTHER documentation to register your student

    Special Education Forms

    IF your child is receiving special education services and has an IEP (Individual Education Plan), please provide a copy for scheduling purposes.

    Student Health Information Form

    Required for any new student entering BUSD

    This form is to be filled out by parent(s)/guardian(s)

    Report of Health Examination for School Entry

    Requested in Kindergarten/Required for First Grade 

    This must be filled out by a medical doctor, and turned in prior to first grade - this examination may be given up to 18 months prior to first-grade entry.

    Oral Health Assessment Form

    (or waiver)

    Requested in Kindergarten/Required for First Grade 

    This report must be filled out by a licensed dental professional and due no later than May 31 in Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or first grade, whichever is your child’s first year of public school. An examination that happened within the 12 months before your child enters school also meets this requirement.