Camerado Springs Middle School IB-MYP Policies


    The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program at Camerado Springs Middle School is supported through the collaborative development and implementation of school policies.  School policies are reviewed on an annual basis with modifications made as needed.  All stakeholders are informed of our policies through the School Site Plan Committee, School Bulletins, Parent/Student Handbook and the school website (www.buckeyeusd.org/csms). 


    Academic Honesty Policy

    The purpose of an academic honesty policy is to promote the development of the skills and knowledge needed to be academically honest.  It also serves to support students, staff, and parents in creating a learning community where academic honesty is taught, expected and practiced. (Read more here)


    Inclusion Policy

    Camerado Springs Middle School understands and embraces the individuality of our diverse population.  We recognize that such uniqueness may include obstacles that affect the educational experience of our students.  Regardless, we are committed to meeting the multitude of academic, physical and social/emotional needs of our students through our policies and actions across our campus.  All stakeholders agree that inclusion is a necessity and priority in facilitating the academic success of each and every student.  In order to ensure the equitable and high quality education that we strive for at Camerado Springs, our students are encouraged to embrace and exemplify the traits of the IB Learner Profile that will create a positive and judgment-free environment. (Read more here)


    Language Policy

    Camerado Springs Middle School believes that language and literacy are the fundamental skills necessary for student success.  Language is the connection between our curriculum elements and the construction of meaning. Language is how students articulate their understanding and share their knowledge with others. As such, we believe all teachers are language teachers and play a vital role in the growth and development of students. (Read more here)


    Assessment Policy

    At Camerado Springs Middle School, we believe assessment is an ongoing and systematic process that evaluates and informs instructional practices and measures student learning.  Assessment is an essential element of our IB Program and enables teachers to provide a quality global education for all students. At Camerado Springs, and throughout the Buckeye Union School District, we believe assessments drive our instruction.  As such, we use a variety of assessment opportunities to ensure growth for all students. (Read more here)


    On-Line Learning Essential Agreements

    It is our belief that all students can be successful, responsible, and respectful online learners.  We hold high expectations for student achievement. (Read more here)

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