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    AB 2022


    According to the National Association of School Psychologists, "Mentally healthy children are more successful in school and life. Good mental health is critical to children’s success in school and life. Research demonstrates that students who receive social–emotional and mental health support achieve better academically. School climate, classroom behavior, on-task learning, and students’ sense of connectedness and well-being all improve as well. Mental health is not simply the absence of mental illness but also encompasses social, emotional, and behavioral health and the ability to cope with life’s challenges. Left unmet, mental health problems are linked to costly negative outcomes such as academic and behavior problems, dropping out, and delinquency."


    In accordance with AB 2022, Pupil mental health services: school notification, the Buckeye Union School District wants to ensure that parents, guardians, and students are informed about resources available for anyone who believes they are in a mental health crisis. We encourage parents/guardians and students to talk with any adult in the school district if they are concerned about another student and possible mental health needs. Take all threats of suicide seriously.


    School District Resources

    Buckeye Union School District 916-985-2183


    Mental health services in schools include a broad range of services, settings, and strategies. Psychological and mental health services in schools are designed to improve instruction and coordinate and evaluate plans to meet unique individual needs for learning or behavior problems. BUSD utilizes a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) to design prevention and intervention programs. BUSD provides crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and other mental health strategies as part of a student support services team. Mental health services that are provided at BUSD may include academic counseling, brief interventions to address behavior problems, assessments and referrals to other systems.


    At BUSD, Mental Health Services can be accessed at each school site, by any student,and/or parent/guardian via email:


    Blue Oak Elementary  530-676-0164 

    Counselor: Kaitlin Booker

    School Psychologist: Haley Padua-Dean


    Buckeye Elementary   530-677-2277

    Counselor: Carin Chumbley

    School Psychologist: Stephanie Hewitt


    Camerado Middle School   530-677-1658

    Counselor: Christine Falconer

    School Psychologist: Stephanie Hewitt 


    Oak Meadow Elementary   916-933-9746    

    Counselor: Leslee Spencer-Long

    School Psychologist: McKenzie Courtney 


    Rolling Hills  916-933-9290

    Counselors: Dee Cutter 

    Shanell Niemeyer

    School Psychologist: Linda Wilson 


    Silva Valley Elementary   916-933-3767

    Counselor: Leslee Spencer-Long

    School Psychologist McKenzie Courtney 

    Valley View Charter Montessori    916-939-9640

    Counselor: Kaitlyn Booker 

    School Psychologist: Emily Flitsch 


    William Brooks Elementary  916-933-6618

    Counselor: Carin Chumbley 

    School Psychologist: Haley Padua-Dean


    BUSD District Office    916-985-2183:

    Director of Student Support Services

    Nicole Schraeder


    Special Education Program Coordinator

    Estella Castro 


    Students may access Mental Health Services through the classroom teacher, administration,

    health clerk, or any of the personnel on campus listed above.


    Community Resources

    El Dorado County Behavioral Health

    768 Pleasant Valley Rd., Suite 201

    Diamond Springs, CA 95619

    Crisis Hotline: 530-622-3345

    General line from El Dorado Hills: 916-358-9555 x6290

    Local number: 530-621-6290

    El Dorado County Behavioral Health Website


    National Resources

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 800-273-8255

    Crisis Textline by texting TALK to 74171

    CALL 9-1-1