• To access weekly assignments students need to go into Google Classroom.  See the below class codes.

    You will access Google Classroom through your child's Google account.  Look for the Google Apps icon.  Once you click on that, you will see app options.  For Google Classroom, you may need to scroll down or select "more".  Once you select Google Classroom as an app, the dashboard for your child's classes should appear.  If a class or classes don't show up on the dashboard, find the + sign, select it, then enter the access code for each class. Select the class from the dashboard and the homework will appear as an announcement.  


    Period 2 Eighth Grade     kkt8m3
    Period 3 Seventh Grade  icz0dk
    Period 4 Seventh Grade  r0otad
    Period 6 Sixth Grade    6po88qz
    Period 8 Eighth Grade    1hd0fpd