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  • American Studies Per. 2, 3 and 6  Week of February 18- 21

    Monday-   HMWK: 

    Tuesday- ISN 19.1- 19.3  HMWK:    

    Wednesday- ISN 19.4 and.5   HMWK: Changing the Landscape for Industry

    Thursday- ISN 19.6 and .7 and Ch 19 "Explore" Venn Diagram          HMWK: Ch 19 Lesson Game- complete sentence answers due Monday 7:45 am

    Friday- ISN 19.8 and .9   Reading Further- questions and diary entry   HMWK: Got Notes? Lesson Game finished?




    World Studies   Per. 4 and 8 February 18- 21

    Monday-       HMWK:  

    Tuesday- Unit 6 Geography Challenge use p.270-271    HMWK:  

    Wednesday- ISN 22.1, .2 and .3    HMWK: 

    Thursday- ISN 22.4 and .5   HMWK: Ch 22 Lesson Game- complete sentence answers due Monday

    Friday- ISN 22.6    Is your Lesson Game finished? Got Notes?

Policies and Procedures

American History Files

  • 3-2-1 Write Up

    A 3-2-1 Write Up means writing 3 complete sentences about 3 separate things you learned while reading the assigned pages.

    2- is writing out 2 questions to me about something you wre confused about or want to know more information about.

    1- is writing about one thing that surprised you or you thought was unusual.


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Extra Credit