Mrs. Thomas: Math 6, 7 and Math 8

  • WELCOME BACK!!  I am ready to start this online adventure with you for the next 6 weeks.  We will be getting to know each other and set up a structure for learning in these up coming weeks.  I am going to do my best to make it feel as much like we are in the classroom together as possible.  I know this will be a learning time for all of us and we will be successfull together. 

    You should have picked up your math textbook and a workbook at WOW day.  You will also need a composition book for notes and a place to work when we are online together.  Go ahead and get signed up in Google Classroom using the code below-you will need to do this before the first day we meet for class.

    AR 6th grade-Google Classroom code: i4jivu6

    Math 6 Block 3-Google Classroom code: fpfr2io

    Math 7 Block 4-Google Classroom code: lnvki7j

    Math 7 Block 5-Google Classroom code:6fk6sgc

    Math 7 Block 6-Google Classroom code:22csshp

    Math 8 Block 2- Google Classroom Code:dnllvg7