• 2021-2022 Budget Documents

    2021-2022 Budget Presentation (6/30/21)

    2021-2022 Budget Report - Narrative and Workbook (Public Hearing 6/16/21, Adoption 6/30/21)

    2021-2022 Revised Budget and 2020-2021 Unaudited Actuals (Adoption 9/15/21)

    2021-2022 American Rescue Plan Act ESSER III Report (Approval 10/20/21)

    2021-2022 ESSER III Expenditure Plan (Approval 10/20/21)

    2021-2022 First Interim Budget Narrative Report (pending, December 2021)

    2021-2022 First Interim Budget Workbook (pending, December 2021)

    2021-2022 Second Interim Budget Narrative Report (pending, March 2022)

    2021-2022 Second Interim Budget Workbook (pending, March 2022)

    Proposition 30 Spending Plan – Education Protection Account (EPA)

    The passage of Proposition 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, allowed the District to receive funds through a new Education Protection Account (EPA) that was established by the voter initiative. Proposition 30 requires any district receiving EPA funds to post how it spends those monies on its website.

    EPA funds represent a portion of the District’s General Fund revenue that would have been cut if Proposition 30 had not passed.