• District/School Transfers

    If you are uncertain as to your school of attendance (for Buckeye Union), please use our online map tool: DISTRICT BOUNDARIES

    Buckeye Union Elementary School District is for grades TK through 8th grade.  If you need a transfer (in or out) for high school, please contact the HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT.

    Not sure which form you need?  Expand each section below to view situations and further instructions. 

    INTER-District Transfers are for incoming/outgoing students between DISTRICTS. 

    Please contact the District for more information: ksellwood@buckeyeusd.org

    INTRA-District Transfers are for incoming/outgoing students between BUCKEYE UNION SCHOOLS. 

    Please contact your homeschool (school of residency) for more information.  

  • Interdistrict Transfers

  • Intradistrict Transfers