Rolling Hills Report Card and Grade Scale

  • Please note the grading scale for Rolling Hills Academic Awards is different

    from the CJSF/HS membership grading scale! 

    Grading Scale for Rolling Hills Middle School Academic Awards:

    3.5-3.9                       Academic Honors Award

    4.0 and above:            High Academic Honors Award 

    *To calculate your GPA add ALL of your class grades together with the exception of your AR (Accelerated Reader) class and divide the total by 6. 

    A+     =     4.3

    A       =     4.0

    A-      =     3.7

    B+     =     3.3

    B       =     3.0

    B-      =     2.7

    C+     =     2.3

    C       =     2.0

    C-      =     1.7

    D+     =     1.3

    D       =     1.0

    D-      =     0.7

    F        =     0


    The primary purpose of grades and report cards is to clearly communicate a student’s areas of strength and areas needing improvement based on the district’s grade level standards. To provide students and parents with specific information on student achievement, students receive standards-based report cards at the end of each trimester. The goal is for students to meet each grade level standard by the end of the school year. Teachers use a variety of common assessments to determine whether a student is meeting standards. A brochure is available at the school site that identifies the standards for each grade level.  

    Students in grades 6-8 shall receive a report card with a letter grade.  In addition, language arts and math classes will have a numeric value associated with their score on district trimester assessments.  Based on grades, students may be eligible for the school honor roll or California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF). 

    Progress reports are distributed approximately during the 7th week of each trimester and serve as an indicator for how a student is progressing.  The distribution of report card and progress reports ensure parents have a sense of their child’s performance approximately every 6 to 7 weeks.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teachers if they have any questions or their child’s grade appear to be dropping. 

    Grading Scale for Rolling Hills Report Cards:

    A+     =     100    

    A       =     92-99

    A-      =     90-91

    B+     =     89  

    B        =    82-88

    B-      =     80-81     

    C+     =     79   

    C       =     72-78

    C-      =     70-71                 

    D+     =     69  

    D       =     62-68    

    D-      =     60-61             

    F        =     59 or below