Promote the Development of Each Student as a "Whole" Person

  • 1.   Continue to improve prevention and intervention strategies for addressing "at risk" behaviors of students, including bullying awareness with both parents and students.

    2.   Provide training to teachers, parents and students in activities emphasizing exercise and nutrition for the development of healthy lifestyle choices in students.

    3.   Continue to create, provide and strengthen activities for personal growth, self-esteem, responsible behavior, youth development and citizenship.

    4.   Build and implement programs to develop lifelong learning habits in students.

    5.   Encourage and increase the participation rate in extracurricular activities.

    6.   Develop understanding, acceptance and appreciation of racial, cultural, ethnic, social and religious diversity.

    2016-2017 Objectives:

    1.   Continue Love and Logic parent workshops.

    2.   Reconvene District Wellness Advisory Committee.