• Develop a balanced budget using state budget standards and board policy that includes criteria for a contingency reserve beyond the 3% requirement.

    2.   Maintain an appropriate balance between using resources for the greatest good to the greatest number of students while serving our highest/lowest achievement groups.

    3.   Support the priority of the district goals by focusing expenditures on academic programs, student achievement and effective staff.

    4.   Increase and/or improve services, in proportion to the increase in funds apportioned under the LCFF, to ensure that English learners, foster children, and socio-economically disadvantaged students, who generate the increased supplemental funds, have targeted resources to promote student learning as outlined in the LCFF.

    5.   Develop, adopt, and annually update a three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) to align resources through a comprehensive planning process to State priorities and district goals.

    6.   Monitor progress on goals to help inform necessary adjustments to funding allocations and processes consistent with the LCFF and LCAP.

    7.   Develop, adopt and update a two-year Common Core State Standards Spending Plan to support professional development, acquisition of instructional materials and technology to support transition to the Common Core State Standards.

    8.   Hire and retain a diverse and highly qualified workforce, strengthen their skills through ongoing professional development and collaboration, and evaluate their performance on a regular basis.

    9.   Pursue revenue sources including grants, donations, partnerships, and support the Buckeye Education Foundation.

    10. Explore and implement strategies to control costs in all areas, i.e. special education, non-public school placements (NPS), food service, transportation and utilities, including changing methods of program delivery and operations.

    2016-2017 Objectives:

    1.  Conduct review of food service program and identify potential cost savings and improvements to menu options.

    2.  Monitor student numbers available for opening Valley View Elementary.

    3.  Conduct review of transportation program and identify any potential cost savings and improvements.

    4.  Convene monthly Budget Advisory Committee meetings.

    5.  Develop expenditure plan for technology purchases for the coming 3 years.