• William Brooks Elementary School Vision Statement 

    The vision of William Brooks Elementary School is for every person in our learning community to feel safe, cared for and respected. We promote, model, and create lifelong learners who will become successful, productive, and contributing citizens. We want a school environment where respect for racial, language, physical, and ethnic differences is commonplace and that everyone’s manner and actions support that respect. We want all students, staff, parents, and community members to see that their input and talents are valued contributions to our school success. 

    William Brooks Elementary School Mission Statement 

    The mission at William Brooks Elementary School is to insure that students, staff, parents, and the community are committed to learning. We all work together to develop each student’s full intellectual, emotional, and physical potential to optimize learning in our school community. 

    We believe that... 

    • Learning is a lifelong journey. 
    • All students can learn. 
    • A sense of family and community is a fundamental force in the development of an individual. 
    • Children and adults need to be treated with respect. 
    • All people have the right to a safe environment. 
    • Each individual is responsible for his/her own choices. 
    • Learning is risk-taking and involves mistakes. Mistakes are not failures but are learning experiences. 
    • Honesty, respect, and kindness build bridges among people. 
    • High expectations promote greater achievement and growth. 
    • Communication in every aspect of education is essential and ongoing. 

    The vision and mission statements were developed through the collaboration of staff, site council parents, and community through meetings and activities. 

    Our vision and mission is supported by our beliefs. Partnerships with students, staff, parents, and community provide all our students with a safe and nurturing environment. We want to deliver high-quality learning experiences which address students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, and psychological needs. We believe that students’ success can only be achieved by “caring” about the whole child, especially their well-being. It is important to all of us at William Brooks Elementary School that we model and provide programs that encourage and teach respect for others, self-control, responsibility, accountability, and effective communication and conflict resolution that facilitate lifelong learning and skills. This vision drives our educational program for all students and stakeholders at William Brooks Elementary School.