Emergency Information

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Emergency Situations Information

Every day, parent/guardians send their children to school feeling confident that they are leaving their children in safe hands. In the Buckeye Union School District, we take school safety very seriously. Our priority is to provide a productive learning environment that is as safe as possible including those times during a natural or man-made disaster.

One of the first steps in being prepared is to ensure that parent/guardians know how to handle an emergency situation, should one occur at your child's school. Communication between the school and parent/guardians is of utmost importance as we feel well informed parent/guardians are calm parent/guardians.

Should an emergency situation arise at your child's school, we would use our emergency phone notification system to send out a message to you to advise you of the situation. This phone notification system delivers messages in minutes and is a valuable resource for keeping you updated as an event unfolds. Keeping your phone line open will assist us with our process. You can also click on the Emergency Information tab for information and updates. Our goal during a crisis is to continue to provide updated information in a timely manner.

There is one role that you as a parent/guardian can do to ensure that fire fighters, law enforcement and school officials are able to handle an emergency. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH TO THE SCHOOL TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. An influx of parents will only slow our ability to handle a situation as resources will have to be used to manage parents and guardians, rather than the emergency situation. Emergency plans have been developed with the assistance of other public agencies and our staff has been trained on these plans; with our main goal being to reunite children with their parent/guardians as quickly as possible.

It is also important that you not try to contact your child via cell phone during an emergency, as it could lead to jamming cell tower access for the emergency responders.

We appreciate your support and commitment to work together with school staff and law enforcement to ensure the safety of your students.

Please feel free to call the Buckeye Union School District Office (916) 985-2183 or (530) 677-2261 if you have any


Emergency cards provide the information needed by school personnel in order to contact you (the parent or guardian) should your child become ill or injured at school. Whenever there is a change of phone number, parent's work, child care provider, or adults authorized to provide care when parents are unable to be reached, it is extremely important that new information be added to update the emergency cards.

In the event of an emergency, children will only be released to adults who are listed on their emergency cards.  Please ensure they are updated regularly.