The District performs multiple tasks which ensure that its financial resources are responsibly allocated and managed and that all groups within the District have the opportunity to be involved.  Toward this purpose, the District has established a Budget Advisory Committee. The committee is facilitated by the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and is made up of parents, teachers, classified and confidential staff, administrators from each site and two board members.

The committee functions to develop an understanding of the District’s financial position as well as to serve as an advisory resource to the Superintendent and/or Board of Trustees and a liaison between the District and its stakeholders. Committee meetings are open to all interested parties.

Proposition 30 Spending Plan – Education Protection Account (EPA)


The passage of Proposition 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, allowed the District to receive funds through a new Education Protection Account (EPA) that was established by the voter initiative. Proposition 30 requires any district receiving EPA funds to post how it spends those monies on its website.

EPA funds represent a portion of the District’s General Fund’s revenue that would have been cut if Proposition 30 had not passed.  Therefore, these funds do not represent increased revenue above what the Board adopted in the District’s budget.


See current Prop. 30 EPA Spending Plan under current year Budget Resources.